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Rainbow Connection

By | Sewing

In April I taught a color theory class at my local quilt shop and had a lot of fun sharing my love of color and design. While preparing for class, I tried to think of projects that related to the different color schemes you can create using the color wheel. I thought it would be fun to create a quilt that used all 12 split complementary color schemes. After designing the blocks, I experimented with arranging them in the spectrum order. The result was a cheerful rainbow quilt with wonderful movement. While it looks complex, it actually goes together very easily by sewing long strips together and then cutting all of the color sections. Enjoy!

Click here to purchase the digital pattern


Quilted by Tia Curtis

Introducing Rosa

By | Fabric Design, Sewing

Rosa is a chic collection with rich colors and textures, inspired by Central American tribal patterns, weaves and embroidery. In addition to cultural influences, you will find dainty flowers, lush roses and swallows symbolizing love and the island Cozumel, which means, “Land of the Swallow.”

With pinks, reds and burgundy, Rosa is also a symbol of love, which is a theme we can all embrace. As the selvage states, “Let Love Rule Your Heart.”

There is a folklore about swallows among sailors that inspired the quilt design “Soul Catcher.” Since swallows return to the same location every year to mate and nest, the swallow will guarantee the sailor’s return home safely. A sailor would have one swallow tattooed before setting out on a journey, and the second swallow tattooed at the end of their tour of duty. It is also said that if the sailor drowns, the swallows will carry their soul to heaven. The finished quilt size is 60” x 80.”

“Take Flight,” is Jelly Roll friendly with touches of Basic Grey Grunge and Navy. The design resembles little birds or butterflies flying together. Little things with wings are my favorite! The finished size 60″ x 80.”

“Danza,” which means dance or to move in different directions is available in two sizes,
72″ x 72″ and 72″ x 92.” This quilt has a modern bohemian feel that incorporates tribal designs.

The fourth quilt design, “Wanderlust,” is great for first time quilters and makes a thoughtful gift for the holiday season. It is 54” x 54” and takes two charm packs along with the background and border fabric.

Rosa has stylish elegance that’s universal for quilts, garments and accessories. I can’t wait to see what beautiful things you create!



Jelly Roll Placemats

By | Sewing

It’s time to add some color to your table for this festive season of graduations and summer barbeques. These Jelly Roll placemats featuring Painted Garden are a great summer piece for any table top. Yes… they are washable. I followed the technique using Roma Quilts rectangle jelly roll rug pattern. These rugs have been so fun to make I wanted to try mini versions for my table.

You can make a set of four using one jelly roll. I sewed 19 jelly roll tubes together and then trimmed to get two 13″ x 20″ placements. Repeat to make two more and then bind the ends just as you do the rug. I didn’t have a jelly roll on hand so I cut my own 2.5″ strips.

You can find the rectangle Jelly Roll pattern in Roma’s Etsy shop here.

Purple Rain

By | Sewing

April Rain

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk.
The rain makes running pools in the gutter.
The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night –

And I love the rain.

~ Langston Hughes

Mother nature played her version of April Fool’s by dumping a little snow on us today on Easter Sunday. It made egg hunting easier so the jokes really on her.

I know spring showers are soon to follow and I’d like to introduce “Purple Rain,” my latest quilt pattern. The 2018 Pantone, Ultra Violet, happens to be one of my favorite colors so I made it a goal to design a quilt using an analogous color scheme around it. A few more of my favorites about this quilt include the scent of rain…the smell in the air before drops start to fall is wonderful. I’m also in love with the relaxing scent of lavender, it’s in our oil diffuser most often at night.  And who doesn’t like Prince? This scrappy quilt is pays homage to it all using 2.5″ strips. Of course you may make your raindrops any color your heart desires. The latest Moda Watercolor prints make a great addition to the rain effect. Enjoy and be sure to do a little dancing in the rain this spring!

Quilted by Kristi Ryan

Here’s a little something to make your desktop cheerful.  Painted Garden ships this month! Be on the look out for this floral print at your local quilt shop.

Green Goodness

By | Fabric Design, Sewing

There are so many fun things to celebrate in March. Who isn’t excited about warmer weather and the first day of spring?! I thought I would share a few of my favorite “green things” in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

This past Christmas my sister and I had a Vera Neumann scarf exchange. It is now my favorite accessory. As a designer, Vera’s story, art and style has been an inspiration to me. She began her career by designing scarves from parachute silk during World War II. I could spend hours looking at Vera’s vintage scarves on Etsy and am so thankful to have one of my own.

Next, is something new that I started in February. I have cut back on coffee and started drinking more tea. We have the cutest tea shop on the Liberty square called Anna’s Tea Shop and that is where I was educated on matcha tea! It is ground up green tea leaves packed full of health benefits since you ingest the entire leaf. You can find the powder mix at grocery stores. I like to get my day started with the green goodness so I make a smoothie for breakfast. Starbucks is now offering Matcha Green Tea Latte’s with soy milk which is also a delight.

I’m also fond of the greens in Painted Garden that will be shipping to stores next month!

Here is a block tutorial I have put together for March that uses mostly Painted Garden prints called Clover and Violets.

As we are getting closer to the Painted Garden release, I wanted to share the quilts that I designed to go along with the collection. Be sure to check your local shops for these patterns. The “Painted Garden” quilt is great for beginners. It goes together quickly using large blocks and showcases the bold floral print. Overall, this colorful collection brings joy to my soul and I hope others get that sense of joy as they make their own creations.

In my next blog post I will be sharing the garments and bags from Painted Garden that were made for market…so stay tuned. I will also be releasing a new pattern towards the end of the month that I am excited to share. It will be a PDF only pattern. (I”ll have a sneak peek on Instagram before I hand it over to my quilter.)

Painted Garden 92″ x 100″

Soirée 60″ x 80″

Rose Hips 70″ x 90″

Fruit Punch 72″ x 72″

Oh yeah, it’s also time to update your desktop…enjoy!

Hello February!

By | Sewing

In the spirit of LOVE, I am sharing a tutorial for a hot lips block. It’s super cute and can easily be made into a pillow or incorporated into a quilt design. The unfinished size is 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″. Also, feel free to freshen up your desktop with a new wallpaper and calendar design for the month of February. Just right click on the image and select “use image as desktop picture.”


Here is a shot of my Crazy Love quilt all finished. The fabrics that I used are mostly from the Painted Garden collection that will release in April! You can refer to the previous post for the free quilt pattern.

Crazy Love

By | Fabric Design, Sewing

We’re halfway through the first month of 2018 and that makes me so excited! I am ready for things to warm up around here. I’ve been fashioning an electric blanket when I’m downstairs on the computer.

One of my first projects in the new year was organizing my scraps and sewing room and it feels great. All of my scraps are in plastic containers according to hue and I’m ready to sew some fun creations. A week ago today, I sketched out a heart block and decided I needed to make a pattern and share it with the world. I love heart blocks and with Valentine’s Day a few weeks away I decided it was now or never. I finished the quilt top last night and it is ready to be quilted.

Crazy Love uses 2 1/2″ strips and half square triangles to make a 12″ heart block. Keeping the right value is key to the design. I used different hues to add interest. I think this quilt would look great in solids as well, however, those weren’t in my stash! LOL. My pattern includes a color page so you can create your own design, along with different quilt sizes.

Use #crazylovequilt on Instagram and share your creations! I’ll be sharing more pictures once mine is quilted. Have a good weekend and happy sewing.

My friends, I apologize…I was so excited to get this pattern out by Friday that I overlooked a couple things that I should bring to your attention. You may have already figured them out. If you haven’t started, please download the file again as they have been corrected as of 1/16/18.

  1. When cutting your Light/Medium strips, the last dimension is 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
  2. On step one, you will also use fabric (C) to make Half Square Triangles.

By Hand London

By | Fabric Design, Sewing

By Hand London is one of my favorite pattern companies for garment sewing. The dresses have always fit me well without the need for adjustments. Their patterns are well written with instructions easy to follow. I will be adding to this post as I have three dresses to share made from the Wild Nectar Collection from Moda.

This first dress is the Anna Dress featuring the Flutter print. The classic style and fit makes it appropriate for any occasion. You can change the design of this dress with the different neckline and skirt variations available.

Click here to read more about the Anna Dress PDF sewing pattern!

The Flora Dress says, “Let’s Party!” I love the shape of the bodice with the thin shoulder straps. This pattern comes with a bodice and skirt variation as well. Don’t let the invisible zipper in the back but scare you. This allows you to have a dress with a nice shapely fit. Just take your time, I promise you’ll love the end result. Click here for the Flora Dress PDF pattern. 

Last but not least, the Georgia Dress! This little number makes the perfect cocktail dress. A wider strap variation is also available. I would recommend practicing the bodice. If you don’t sew the curves just right the form can be a little rigid. I also shortened my straps since they are not adjustable. Otherwise, it’s pretty straight forward. Sew a few pieces of fabric together and put in a zipper! Click here for the Georgia Dress PDF pattern.

Quilt Of Many Colors

By | Sewing

It’s the quilt of many colors! This is an easy quilt project using 2.5″ strips from the Wild Nectar Collection by Moda. The final dimensions are 98″ x 108″ sized for a queen. To make this quilt, you will need 3 jelly rolls and 4 3/4 yards of an ivory solid. The Basics Grey Grunge is my favorite replacement for a solid because of the subtle brush texture. I hope it stays in production forever.

The pieces I used are 2.5″ x 6.5.” Each row has 49 pieces total, with prints and solids randomly pieced. I made 18 rows and then sewed them together. Matching the seams was my original intent but I soon decided I would rather sew like a mad woman and not worry about being perfect. It’s more fun that way and I will probably quilt it in the same fashion with some crazy swerve lines.

This quilt will update my spare bedroom/sewing room. I hope this has inspired you for a quilt project! The key to quilting with Wild Nectar it is to add some white. Let a little canvas show through all the brilliant color.

Sew To Grow with Wild Nectar Fabrics from Moda

By | Sewing

It’s easy to take pleasure in garment sewing when you hear little voices say, ” We love our dresses!” I would like to share the latest Sew To Grow pattern for children…it’s the Mini Bondi Top and Tunic Dress! Just like the favored adult version, this top is a quick easy sew that features a contrasting yolk in the back. This can be made as a top or you can add a casing and draw string for a super cute tunic. Available in sizes 12 months to size 10.

Mini Bondi Tunic Dress featuring the Wild Nectar Collection from Moda Fabrics designed by Crystal Manning.

If you are intimidated about sewing garments, I vouch for Sew To Grow patterns as they are easy to follow. You will find wonderful tutorial videos on the website as well. Sewing garments isn’t as difficult as you think and it’s rewarding to be able to say, “I made this!”

Once you’ve made a dress and are admiring it in front of the mirror, you will realize that something is off balance when you can go to a store and buy one for $10 to $15. Someone isn’t earning the money they deserve and we are buying more clothes than we need.

Lindsey, from Sew To Grow takes great pleasure in teaching others her love of sewing. If you are a shop owner that carries garment patterns, I highly recommend booking a workshop with her. She instructs the proper way of taking measurements and making alterations so you have the perfect fit and style for your body. Her infectious spirit will leave a lasting impression on your customers and excitement for sewing their own clothes.

The Night Garden PJ Set makes a wonderful handmade gift for someone! Or just treat yoself!